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Financial and Retirement Planning for Small Business Owners

Financial Planning for Small Business Owners

Owning and running your own business is more than just a full time job. You worry about growing your business, being more efficient, more profitable, more competitive, and at the same time you worry about providing your clients with the best services and products. This leaves very little time to think about your own personal finances and running these like you run your own business.

Like many successful Small Business Owners, you may have had to invest a lot of personal capital to establish and grow your business. This may have left you with a shorter time frame to build a retirement nest egg aside from the equity in your business. When doing a financial plan for you we take into account your business and help you maximize your retirement savings.

Establishing and Funding a Retirement Plan

Many small business owners either do not have a retirement plan at work or have a plan that is out of compliance. Unfortunately, for many entrepreneurs even if they have a plan in place, they do not maximize their savings. IIS Financial Services works with you or a representative for you in conjunction with a third party administrator (TPA) and CPA to help you remain compliant and take full advantage of retirement savings, and tax savings. 

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