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Financial Planning for Teachers in Maine

IIS Financial Services of South Portland and Augusta, Maine has more than 30 years of combined experience providing independent financial guidance to employees of Public School Districts such as Teachers, Administrators, and their families. We have counseled hundreds of school district employees to better understand and help manage their retirement benefits.

As fiduciaries for Public Sector Employees and Teachers in Maine, we have a vast knowledge of your Retirement Plan options through the Maine PERS Pension benefits that you will receive as a Maine State Retiree.

Part of our Financial Planning process is to walk you through your Maine PERS and/or Social Security income options (discussing what the Windfall means for you and your spouse, if applicable) and see how much you may need to supplement your benefits and keep up with inflation in retirement. 

Each person's and/or family's financial situation is different so going through each benefit option will allow you to make the right decision.

History and Programs

In 2009, David Hanson of IIS Financial Services, started conducting Retirement Workshops for Public School District Employees throughout Maine. These workshops provide an opportunity for employees to learn about the many options and concepts that can be used as a Public Sector Employee preparing for retirement. 

If you or a group would like to learn more about the ongoing workshops we conduct on a variety of educator-relevant topics, please email us at or call us at 207-761-4733.

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“Our intimate knowledge of the Maine PERS Retirement Systems and available 403(b)/457 options allows us to help our clients make informed financial choices and develop effective strategies as they plan their retirements.”

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